Ah, my first ever blog. I have been meaning to do this for years but I truly didn't know what you all would like to read. I knew I wanted it to be helpful and informative, as I leave the "story telling" to my photos!

This is the day that you have been waiting for -- and the pressure is on to make sure everything is p e r f e c t. But don't worry, because the time you have spent selecting meticulously selecting each and every detail will not be overlooked by your photographer. In fact, we LOVE the little details and being able to beautifully document their importance on your big day.

Your wedding photographer will most likely ask you to prepare a "detail" box or basket for them. But what does that even mean? Well, I know the stresses of a bride, and I am here to make it a little easier! So, I have compiled a simple list for you to reference regarding the "little details" for your big day that your photographer will LOVE to have accessible. Of course, add as much or as little as you want! These are just some ideas for the brides who already have enough on their plates!


You and your future husband have both selected the shoes that will walk you down the isle to forever, don't count those out! They are definitely a significant detail your photographer will want to photograph.


Definitely make sure that a copy of your save the dates, invites, RSVP cards and any envelope details make it to the photographer's basket! Even down to the envelope stamps if you chose to use those!


Maybe this is a no-brainer, but make sure that your photographer gets to shoot both the bride + groom's rings before the best man (or whoever took on that responsibility) runs off with them!


Your photographer (especially if your my client!) may have different ring boxes to style your rings in, but some don't. If you have a ring box that matches the esthetic of your wedding or has meaning to you, bring it with!


If you and your love have "signature scents" you'll be wearing on your big day, your photog would love to use those cologne or perfume bottles.

six - the accessories

Are you wearing a hair pin? Earrings? Your grandma's necklace? This is where you may need to think if there's anything of significance you want included. A locket of a deceased loved one? The grooms watch? Your vows? Anything off the cake table or head table that you love, that is specific to you and your fiancé? Also think of ways to incorporate textures. Think of things you want as a centerpiece in a photo, and make sure those make it into the basket you're preparing for your photographer's detail shots.


If your florist is delivering your flowers, your photographer can snag some flowers to include in your flat lays and detail shots, but if you are providing your own bouquets, please spare some flowers for your photographer! Bring some extras, and make sure the bouquets are accessible.


And lastly, if you're one for traditions, and you have your "something old, something new, something borrowed + something blue," make sure those make it in the photographer's detail basket. We know you spent time selecting these, and we want to give you something to remember them by!